Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update (September 21-October 20)

Well I'm a little late with this update and I do apologize. I'm taking a break from my business to do a little more of taking care of myself. I noticed I was on the computer, but not accomplishing the things I needed to do for my business.

It seemed a lot of time was being wasted and I was just becoming more frustrated and uninterested. When I get back to business full swing I will set a time to do the important tasks and do it all in a certain timeframe so I am not wasting all my time doing nothing.

I came to a stand still and didn't know what direction to turn. There is so much to do or learn that I think it just made me have a mental block and I couldn't figure out what to actually do. Once I figure out where I want to go and what I want to do, I will get back on track and start earning some money.

Here are my stats for the month: PIPS Newsletter sign ups: 22; SFI 16; Golden Ticket Prospects 7; My Tru-Infinity Prospects 10

As you can see from my stats, there is not much activity going on as of now. Things will turn around once I get back to working on my business very soon.

To Your Success,

Tara Martindale
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Update (August 21-September 20)

This month has been a slow one. My motivation is lacking for some
reason. I need to get inspired and start putting more effort into
my home business. My stats for this month include:

PIPS Newsletter sign ups: 25; SFI 20; Golden Ticket Prospects: 21

I have been using safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classified ads,
putting up flyers, posting on forums, a little bit of blogging. I
have to step up my game!

I started on a new supplement that was released in August from the
Health & Wellness company I represent. I am a Shaklee Independent
Distributor and use their products. I love all of the ones I've
used so far.

The new supplement is a cellular anti aging tonic. I have been
taking it for about 18 days. The effects are wonderful so far. I
have noticed a marked improvement in my energy level. It's not a
jitter energy though, it's just a normal feeling of being able to
do the things during the day that I want to do without feeling
weak and tired.

It was hard for me to get up in the morning and get on with my
day, but now it's a lot easier and I don't crash mid day. I even
started exercising again and I walk my kids to school every day
and walk to pick them up in the afternoon.

My back pain has improved. I had abdominal surgery almost a year
ago and it was still affecting me, but since using this supplement,
I have been noticing a lot of improvement and don't feel the pain
when I move certain ways.

I sleep better and fall asleep quicker, even though I need to go
to bed earlier! Considering I go to bed too late, I can still get
up in the morning without much trouble, unlike before. Sometimes I
even wake up before the alarm, which would never happen before.

My mom and dad are on it also and they have noticed a great
improvement too. Their energy level is way up and my dad is
feeling less pain. In April he had his leg amputated due to a very
large Sarcoma high up in the thigh. He had a full hind quarter
amputation and he found it difficult to sit up in the morning
without feeling pain. It has improved significantly since being on
this product.

I just so happens that today my mom told my sister that this
product was on Fox 2 news. I didn't see it though unfortunately so
I can't tell you exactly what was said. It must be an awesome
product if it making the news though!

I can't wait to see what else is to come.

Take Care and Go Green,

Tara Martindale
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Succeed in Your Home Business, You Must BELIEVE!

Here is a motivational reading I would like to share. A woman on my Shaklee call shared this with us and I wanted to pass it along. Enjoy!

To Succeed in Your Home Business, You Must BELIEVE!

All kinds of people make the decision to work from home, and it is
possible to be successful no matter where you come from or what stage of life you are in at the time. Whether you come from wealth or poverty, whether you're educated or not, whether you're young or old…you can find a business that is right for you, and you can be successful.

However...*in order to be successful, you must believe!*

Believe in yourself and believe that you can succeed in your business. If you begin your journey into working at home with doubt, your work is surely doomed. On the other hand, if you believe that you are doing it for the right reasons and that you have what it takes to succeed…then indeed, you will!

Tell yourself this, and repeat it often:

•I believe in myself.
•I am a successful work-at-home business owner!
•I believe that my work is significant for my family, myself, and others.
•I can and will succeed in my business.
•I will not quit.
•I have what it takes.
•I believe.

Live into the knowledge that you are what you want to become, and you will get there!

To Your Success,

Tara Martindale
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Update (July 21-August 20)

The end of summer is approaching and the busy time of internet marketing is near. It's exciting because the work that is put in during the summer months will pay off in the fall.

I've been spending time submitting to link directories, article directories, blog posting, safelist advertising, clicking on TE's, posting in forums and submitting classifieds.

This months update is about the same as last except I will start to include how many subscribers I get from people filling out the form on my Golden Ticket website.

Here are my stats for the month:

PIPS Newsletter sign ups: 32; SFI: 20 with 2 upgrades; Golden Ticket Prospects: 30 (a few have since opted out).

I started a new blog for my Shaklee Business which you can view by clicking the banner below. I had to edit it a bit since we cannot name the products. Not a problem, I just edited it and it's fine. It's amazing to see my posts hit #1 in Google after less than an hour.

That's it for now!

To Your Success,

Tara Martindale
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update (June 20-July20)

Another slow month. It's cool getting notices of sales through Traffic Payouts or Click Bank though.

I have been concentrating a little bit more on my Shaklee business. I ordered some Golden Ticket Movies so I can give them out to people or send them to people who request them on the internet. It costs them $7.95 for the shipping & handling.

The movie explaines Shaklee and the business opportunity and is very informative and exciting. To see the earning potential is very exciting also, especially when I know someone personally who is making money with them. I have already earned checks 4 out of 5 months that I have been with them. It's not a massive amout, obviously, but it is encouraging!

Here are my stats for the month:

Newsletter Signups: 33; SFI: 8; Shaklee: 4 placed in my downline; 2 Traffic Payout Sales

I have been submitting my site to directories, posting classifieds, posting on forums, blogging, article submissions have slowed.

To Your Success,

Tara Martindale
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Update (May 20-June20)

This month has been slow, to say the least. I haven't been doing the activities that I should be in order to build back links and get more traffic to my site.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still doing something almost every day, but I should be doing more.

In the PIPS Power Group Forum there is a contest going one for summer. The one with the most improvement will win the prize. The members there are doing well and I wish I was doing as well.

I have been submitting my site to link directories, surfing traffic exchanges a bit (not nearly enough), submitting articles to directories (I have to get writing some more), blogging a little bit and participating in forums.

Here are my stats: Newsletter signups: 70; SFI: 12; Shaklee: 8 in my downline since joining Feb 22 (this has earned me a check 3 out of 4 months). Since my last update I've had people drop out of PIPS or let their credit card decline for the hosting, so that means I'm down to 2 PIPS signups again. It's too bad that people think this business is going to bring them instant riches! Oh well, on to the next.

I just try and remind myself that if I want this business to bring me success, then I have to put the work and effort into it!!

To Your Success,

Tara Martindale
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Friday, June 13, 2008


Today I feel the need to write about an awesome company that has been in business for over 50 years. This company stands behind all their products with a money back guarantee and have had their products featured on shows like Oprah, Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, Today and several others!

That company is called Shaklee! Shaklee's products are no joke. I just started using their products at the end of February and wonder why I didn't start sooner. You see, my sister has been using Shaklee for over 2 years but I didn't think the products would be any good, even when my sister would tell me what they have been doing for her and her family.

I have not used all their products yet but I plan on trying everything at one time or another. So far I use the cleaning products, Nutriferon, Stress Relief Complex, Vitamins, Children's vitamins, parfume and skin care line. I just ordered Cinch to try and lose a few inches, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm telling you from the bottom of my heart, these products really do work. I'll give a little testimonial about a couple things.

Nutriferon: This is my favourite. I take one a day (recommend 2) and since I've been using it, at the beginning of March, I have not been sick. Twice one or two of my chilren and husband had come down with colds. I doubled up the morning I felt a sore throat coming on. After that, I didn't get anything, not even a sniffle! Then when I was in Toronto, when my dad was in the hospital, my sister and mom came down with a wicked cold. I woke up feeling like I was going to get it full blown. Guess what....nothing after that! I am still amazed!

Lets talk about Scour Off. This is a cleaning paste that smells like bubble gum. It is used for ovens, soap scum or anything that is hard to get clean. I used it on the range hood above my stove. I burn candles and I had a black soot-like residue that would not come off. I didn't want to use an SOS or scrubber because I didn't want to scratch it. I got my Get Clean order and tried the Scour Off on it! It came off without even trying!! I have pictures to prove it lol! Amazing!

The Basic H2 is great for everything from wood to glass to bathrooms. It's super concentrated so you only need a small amount. Get this, one bottle of Basic H2 will make 5000 bottles of window cleaner! You only need 2 drops in a bottle of 16oz of water!!

The only way to know how these products work is to try them, you won't regret it. Get a hold of me if you want to try these products at

Take care!

To Your Success,

Tara Martindale
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